Summer is a great time for outdoor adventures, and one of the very best Midwest summer hobbies is kayaking. With so many bodies of water around us, there are endless adventures waiting to be had and so many wild waters to be explored by kayak. Finding the right kayak for your next outdoor expedition is an exciting feeling, and we want to help! Our outdoor experts are here to answer your questions before you buy. Let’s take a look at some popular kayaks and what sets each of them apart. 

Kayak Types

There are several types of kayaks to choose from, each with their own style and purpose for specific activities. Let’s dive in and see which kind is right for your summer adventures.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatables aren’t just for being pulled by a boat, and these kayaks have a lot of benefits to explore. They’re less expensive, good for beginners, and lighter than other kayaks, which makes them easy to pack up and go for quick and easy transport. Great for the spontaneous adventure!

Sit-On Kayaks

These kayaks are popular in warm waters as an easy way to get out of the summer heat. If you’re on bigger bodies of water or the ocean, it may be a little chilly to use these kinds of kayaks.

Sit-In Kayaks

Pelican 10-fr. Argo Sit-In Kayak
A sit-in kayak is great for keeping dry on those relaxing trips out on the water.

These kayaks are the ones most folks think about when shopping for a new kayak. These models have a cockpit that you set your legs in to keep you dry and out of the water. Sit-in kayaks can make for relaxing, enjoyable trips at your favorite local spot.

Fishing Kayaks

There are several different types of kayaks designed for fishing. They come equipped with rod holders and have a squared-off back for fishermen to stand on while casting. This design tends to be wider for better stability. You’ll have confidence in your kayak while reeling in the big one.

Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks are a great option if you're looking to share the kayaking experience with another rider.

Most kayaks are for single riders, but not all! Pack in another rider and share the fun with one of our tandem kayaks.

Kayak Sizes

8' Kayaks

This kayak size is typically as small as they get. It’s a good size for recreational use, plus it’s easy to transport and carry.

10' Kayaks

This is your mid-size kayak. It’s popular for paddling and adds a little more control than smaller models.

13' Kayaks

These kayaks are the easiest to control because of their length. It’s more difficult to tip over as well, which makes for peace of mind as you paddle.

Essential Kayaking Accessories

Ensuring you have the right accessories before your trip can save a lot of time and stress later on.

Make the most of your kayaking adventures with some helpful accessories. These little add-ons will make transportation easier and give you more options on the water.

Rod Holders

Take it easy after you cast out your line with a rod holder for your kayak, and when you have to head back, you can put the rod away and paddle back to shore.

Car Carriers

Once you’re ready for your next outdoor adventure, you still need to get your kayak to the water. Check out our selection of car carriers to find the right size for your car, so you can get packed up and out the door when it’s time for you to hit the water.


You’ll want to do more than float in the water on your brand-new kayak, so don’t forget to grab a paddle or two when you buy a new kayak. Check out our selection of kayak paddles to find the one that’s right for you.

Take advantage of the summer heat and take in the beautiful outdoor landscapes by getting out onto the water. Enjoy the summer pastime of kayaking while taking a scenic trip on the river, or paddle out to your favorite spot on the lake to reel in that big bass. Find the right kayak for your next adventure online at or at your local Fleet Farm store and get ready to enjoy the life-changing experience!