Halloween is right around the corner. Families are planning their trips to the pumpkin patch to make Jack-o-lanterns and buy new costumes. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on the spookiest decorations to put you in the Halloween mood. Do you want to shock the block or give your home a festive feel? Find out which Halloween Decorating Personality you are.

The Minimalist

It doesn’t take much to decorate your home for some seasonal fun during the holidays. Give your home a little spooky zest with some Jack-o-lanterns and other fall decor.

Jack-o-lanterns and lights on porch

Ghost pathway lights

The Spooky Town Maximalist

Do you say: “There’s no such thing as too much Halloween”? If you turn your living room into a witch’s lair and your front yard into a haunted maze every year, we have some ideas for what you’ll need.

Check out these Lemax Spooky Towns – these ceramic Halloween villages are fun, little decorations you can put anywhere in your home. There are also spooky decorations like candy cauldrons, animated toys that jump out and make spine-tingling sounds to scare your guests, and other fall decor you’ll just love.

Haunted Hotel Decoration

Witch Castle Decoration

If you need Halloween decorations for your home or front yard, you can spook those trick-or-treaters with porch decorations of classic Halloween monsters like haunting ghosts, life-like skeletons, or creepy witches. Halloween garden flags are great for front yard decoration to welcome your guests to your Halloween party.

Front yard with Halloween decorations

The Classy Cat

Are you festive but don’t want to make a big to-do about it? Nights are getting longer and putting up a few lights for Halloween flare can be a lot of fun. Buy a bundle of lights to deck out your porch with Halloween colors and check out our selection of pathway lights and Jack-o-lanterns while you’re here. Take a look at these fall wreaths, candles, and tabletop decor that can bring that cozy feeling into your home as the seasons change.

Living room decorated with Halloween items

The Inflatable Illusionist

If you love Ghostbusters because of the Marshmallow Man, you’re probably a fan of Halloween inflatables. Freaking out the neighborhood with inflatables is a graveyard smash!

Decorate your lawn with fun, family favorites like inflatable Snoopy and Baby Yoda, or guard your home with a fire-breathing dragon to scare those mischievous trick-or-treaters. Here’s a wide selection of inflatables to help you find your favorite monster and movie character inflatables for your lawn this October.

Pumpkin inflatables

Decorating your home with lights, inflatables, and pumpkins is a great way to get you in the holiday spirit. Take a look at our online Halloween Shop to see what you can buy online. If you want to see our decorations in person, take a trip to your local Fleet Farm today. Have a happy Halloween from the folks at Fleet Farm!