Whether you are attending a little league baseball game or going to the big stadium to watch your favorite MLB team, you’ll want to choose the right rainwear to bring with you. You’ll want to bring something rain protection that will keep you warm, comfortable, and hopefully dry as well.

A parent watching a child play little league baseball on a rainy day
Depending on the forecast an umbrella might not be enough to keep you dry

Understanding Rain Gear Technology

Before you buy any rain gear, it’s important to understand the technology and terminology used by a lot of the top rain gear brands.

Water-resistant Rain Gear

Rain jackets and other outerwear that is described as water-resistant means that it can resist water to an extent, but not completely. This is because there is a coating—or finish—applied to the outside of the jacket. This coating helps water bead up and roll off the fabric instead of soaking through.

Heavy rain will eventually soak through the jacket, but you probably won’t have to worry about that because the game will be postponed—or canceled.

A water-resistant jacket will provide adequate protection in most cases of a rainy baseball game.

Water being poured on water-resistant rain gear to demonstrate how water should bead up and roll off the material
An example of how water should bead up and roll off water-resistant rain gear

Waterproof Rain Gear

Waterproof rain gear is exactly what it sounds like. If you see rain gear that is described as waterproof, then it is designed to keep you try even under the heaviest rainfall and extended exposure to the rain. So while water-resistant gear relies on a special coating, waterproof gear is constructed with materials that create an impermeable barrier. In addition, the seams are usually sealed off for added water protection, something that isn’t typically done with a water-resistant item. A waterproof jacket is your best bet for all day comfort in the event on and off rain is scheduled throughout the baseball game. 

Breathable Rain Gear

Another thing you’ll see a lot of the top rain gear brands mention is if their jacket has breathable technology. This is more about keeping you comfortable that it is dry. Oftentimes if a jacket is breathable, it means that it will repel water while also allowing sweat to escape. This will significantly improve your comfort during rainy and humid weather, a situation that can be quite common at baseball games. 

Rain Gear Features to Look For

The thing that sets a lot of rain gear apart from others is the additional features they include. When choosing a rain jacket or rain boots, take a moment to compare products and identify which products give you the most features within your budget. Also consider when you’ll be using this rain gear the most. Features that may benefit you when going to a baseball game may not be the same features a landscaper may be looking for if they are working in the rain for hours on end. 

Lightweight Design

With baseball seasons starting in spring and going all through the summer, you’ll want to find something that is lightweight enough that you’ll still feel comfortable wearing it for a half hour or all day.

Hoods With Adjustable Cords

Most rain jackets will include a hood of some sort. But a hood with an adjustable cord can make a significant difference with how dry you’ll be. The adjustable cord allows you to tighten the hood around your head once you pull it up. This can minimize the amount of rain that will seep in through the top. It’ll also prevent your hood from being blown down if it is really windy at the game. 

A man wearing a rain jacket with a hood in a heavy rain storm
A rain jacket that features a hood with adjustable cords will minimize the rain hitting your face


This is an important one for baseball games! Especially if you aren’t anticipating rain all day. Some rain jackets can be packed tight into compact storage. This is great if you don’t want to carry a jacket the entire game, waiting for when you’ll need to wear it. In fact, some rain jackets can be packed so compact that they’ll fit in a bag small enough that will fit within MLB stadium bag policies. 

Pockets With Zippers or Buttons

One other thing to consider when shopping for rain gear is the types of pockets it has. Imagine you are at a baseball game and a sudden downpour happens. Having a pocket with a zipper or button, instead of an open pocket, will be a much better option for keeping your phone or wallet dry. 

Types of Rain Gear to Consider for a Baseball Game

Various rain gear items including rain jackets and rain ponchos
Choose the right rain gear for the occasion

Rain Boots

Rain boots are your best bet to ensure your feet stay dry and warm. In the event you are attending a baseball game at a public park, you may be watching the game from lawn chairs in the grass. Rain boots will be your best defense when those grassy areas start to get muddy or pooling of water starts to accumulate. 

Fleet Farm offers several different rain boot styles including high rise boots, mid boots, low shoes, kids' rain boots, and even over-sized boots that are designed to fit over your existing shoe or boot.

Rain Jackets

Rain jackets are a great investment because they’ll offer the most comfort and are the best defense for staying dry. Fleet Farm has both hooded and non-hooded rain jackets in a variety of styles and colors from brands like Carhartt, Frogg Toggs, and Columbia.

A child in a yellow rain jacket, laughing in the rain
Fleet Farm carries rain jackets for kids and adults

Rain Ponchos

Rain ponchos are a low cost option for staying dry. Most rain ponchos are pull-overs with a relatively thin water-resistant material. They are usually flowy in fit and may not fit as snug as a normal rain jacket, so it’s possible rain will still get in through the neck or sleeve holes. Ponchos are very compact and a good option if you are only anticipating a brief period of rain at the ball game. 

Rain Suits

Rain suits are specialized outerwear designed to protect you from head to toe (almost) from rain and other wet conditions. Rain suits often use similar water-resistant and waterproofing materials for the pants as what is used in rain jackets. It’s a great option if you know you’ll be in heavy rain conditions for a long period of time. But, for a baseball game, it would probably be more protection than necessary. If you need a rain suit there is a good chance the game itself will be postponed, but you might still be able to have fun at the tailgate.

How to Maintain Your Rain Gear

There are a few really easy things to do with your rain gear that will extend the lifecycle of your rain gear and ensure you’ll stay dry for years to come.

  1. Regularly and gently wash your rain gear. This will remove dirt and oil that could compromise the waterproofing capabilities of your gear.
  2. If you notice water is no longer beading up on the surface of the fabric, consider reapplying a durable water repellent treatment, like Gear Aid ReviveX Instant Waterproofing Spray or Sno-Seal 10.5 Oz Water-Guard Extreme Spray Water Repellent
  3. Store your rain gear in a cool, dry place away from the sun. Sunlight, over an extended period of time, could dry out your gear and cause a degradation of the materials over time. 

By following these easy steps, you’ll get the most out of your investment. Most rain gear should last for many seasons and these tips are some of the best ways to make sure it happens.

A child excited to be playing in the rain while wearing a blue rain jacket
Maintaining your rain gear is the best way to extend the lifecycle

Baseball games are the highlight of spring and summer for many people. Make sure you are prepared to have a great time regardless of the weather forecast. Visit your nearest Fleet Farm to grab your rain gear essentials, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks before heading to your next baseball game.

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