As the calendar turns to October and we get deeper into Fall, we start to transition into one of the most highly anticipated seasons of the year. Spooky season! Halloween is one of those holidays where some like to go all out when it comes to decorations and treats, while others like to keep it simpler and more minimal.

Both of these approaches to Halloween décor can be done well and can bring a level of spooky-ness to your home to make your house a trick-or-treat landmark for those going out this Halloween. From outdoor lights and inflatables, to treats for everyone to enjoy, let’s walk through some of this year’s best options to get you in the Halloween spirit!

Outdoor Décor

Disney Airblown Hocus Pocus Sisters Inflatable

Make your yard the talk of the neighborhood with this Hocus Pocus inflatable featuring the popular Sanderson Sisters! Mary, Winifred and Sarah hold a spooky banner featuring Halloween symbols that will give your yard a pop of spooky mixed with these classic characters. This inflatable is easy to set up within minutes, and will have your yard looking festive in no time!

Disney Airblown Stylized Ursula Inflatable

Some of us love those characters that aren’t necessarily supposed to be loved, especially during this time of the year. For the Disney villain fans, this Ursula inflatable is the perfect touch to your spooky setup. With her pumpkin seashell, Ursula adds the perfect Halloween splash to her recognizable look. With the release of The Little Mermaid earlier this year, kids and adults of all ages will appreciate this iconic villain in your yard.

Sylvania Battery Operated Tombstone Pathway Lights

This three pack of spooky tombstones can give your front yard or walkway the perfect haunted vibe you may be looking for. With the battery-powered LED lights, you can add some color to your yard display that makes these markers stand out compared to other décor. Whether you want to set them up together as a unit, or spread them out across your area, these tombstones are a great compliment to any Halloween set up.

Sylvania Battery Operated LED Pathway Spooky Sign

What better way to warn visitors that your home is a spooky one than with a “BEWARE” sign? This LED pathway decoration gives a great minimal Halloween touch to your yard without being too overbearing. The battery-operated lights give it a nice glow, while the text on the sign gives that direct warning – Expect to be spooked if you are brave enough to trick or treat at this house.

Indoor Décor

Fun World 20″ Skele-Cat Décor

Cats are typically thrown into the spooky-sphere and are one of those animals that can give a good Halloween scare. This posable skele-cat fits that role perfectly. You can place this within a window, to add some flair to your outside appearance, or you can keep this one on a shelf to display inside your home to spook anyone coming around a corner!

Fun World 10″ Hanging Color-Changing Ghost

Nothing says Halloween like a classic ghost decoration. Featuring a light-up head, this hanging ghost is perfect for corner areas or windows in your home. It isn’t too gaudy, so you can add this to your home décor setup without feeling like it’s overpowering or too spooky. Ghost decorations are one of those must-have accessories for décor collection, and this one is affordable and easy to set up.


Sylvania Battery Operated LED String Lights

If you are looking to go minimal inside for your Halloween décor, these battery-operated string lights are perfect for you. These LED lights come with an auto timer and are easy to add to any mantle, banister or shelf in your home. You can choose pumpkins or skeletons, or mix-and-match and use both for décor! While these are great for simple indoor setups, they can be great as well outdoors if you want to use them in your yard decorations.

Sylvania Halloween Series Mini String Light Set

These classic string lights provide the perfect Halloween feel indoors with their purple or orange glow. Each set has 100 mini bulbs, making this a great option if you’re looking for that missing piece that will tie everything together in your décor. These lights are plug and play, so they are incredibly easy to set up. Just plug them in when you want them on, and unplug them when you want less light! Perfect for railings, or lining windows, these Halloween-themed string lights are a must-have for minimal or all-out decorators.

Snacks & Treats

Fleet Farm 16 Oz Peanut Butter Kisses

After a short time away, they are back! Peanut Butter Kisses are back in-stock and they are a must-have Halloween candy. These chewy peanut butter candies won’t last long in your house once you put them out, so you’ll need to stock up and save some before anyone else gets their hands on them!

Caramel Apples

Some treats bring you right into that Fall and Halloween mood, and caramel apples fit perfectly into that category. These are a fun treat to make with the family, and they can be customizable with toppings everyone will like! Pick up some Deluxe Caramels for melting, and Virginia or Spanish peanuts to top off this tasty treat.

Pumpkin Trick-Or-Treat Bucket

Last but certainly not least, you will definitely need to pick up some trick-or-treat buckets to hold all of that Halloween candy that will be brought in while trick or treating! This classic bucket has a handle so it’s easy to carry, and plenty of open space within the smiling Jack o Lantern to fill with all the sweet treats from this year’s haul. It’s a great addition to go along with any Halloween costume whether super-hero or super-spooky.


These Halloween staples are some of our favorites this year, but there is so much more that you can do to go all-out this spooky season, or take it easy if you are more of a minimalist when it comes to decorations. Shop our full selection of décor and accessories online at or visit your local store today to get your Halloween essentials to make this year the spookiest one yet!